Clemens Thornquist

Dr. Clemens Thornquist is Professor in Fashion Design at The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, Sweden, where he is doing research in the intersection of art, fashion and philosophy. Dr. Thornquist is head of the Body, Dress, Space research programme at The Swedish School of Textiles and co-coordinator of the H2020 ArcInTex ETN in architecture, interaction design and textiles. Some of his more recent works are the books Get to Work. And Embarrass Yourself. and Physics and Metaphysics of Art.

Keynote Speech – Embracing Open Design Education and Research

Design in higher education is mainly conducted as an applied academic discipline. The acts and artefacts resulting from such activities in research endeavours are also predominantly understood from an archaeological perspective.

Against this background, Dr Thornquist would like to open up the agenda for design education and research beyond its foremost phenomenological passion. He proposes that design education and research should be driven by the diversity of fundamental challenges that lay ahead of design, such as opening up ontological, methodological and epistemological issues in design. By doing so, it is hoped that more diverse activities and results would be achieved in design education and research, thus bringing about more possibilities for the design of our future.