Hideshi Hamaguchi

Hideshi Hamaguchi graduated with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Kyoto University. Starting his business career with Panasonic in Japan, Hamaguchi later became director of the New Business Planning Group at Panasonic Electric Works, Ltd. and then executive vice president of Panasonic Electric Works Laboratory of America, Inc.

In 1993, he developed Japan’s first corporate Intranet and also led the concept development for the world first USB flash drive in 1999. Hideshi Hamaguchi has profound experience in defining strategies and decision-making, as well as in concept development for various industries and businesses. As Executive Fellow at Ziba Design and CEO at monogoto, he is today considered a leading mind in creative concept and strategy development on both sides of the Pacific.

He is a jury member of Red Dot Design Award. Also, he is the guest professor, Kyoto University, Keio University, Osaka University, and the executive fellow at i.school (Tokyo University).

Keynote Speech – Exploration in Design

We all explore innovative ideas. We all search for innovative solutions. What is true innovation? What kind of thinking brings it about? How can we help ourselves become more creative without surrendering to chaos when we exploring ideas?

Concept creator, business designer and strategist Hideshi Hamaguchi addressed these questions at his keynote speech at Cumulus Hong Kong 2016. In this presentation in “Design for Exploration” Hideshi proposed an approach for what he called “breakthrough thinking”, including the top “secrets” he has been sharing throughout his experience and career.