Steve Leung

Born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, Steve Leung is a dedicated contemporary-style advocate and has reflected a strong and unique character of minimalism, with skillful adoption of Asian culture and arts in his architectural, interior and product design. Steve is the winner of the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award and has won over 130 awards worldwide. He serves the design industry in many capacities with enthusiasm. As the President-elect of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and Board of Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre, he actively promotes design education and the development of the design industry.

Keynote Speech – Experience the Eastern Aesthetics

Steve was born and raised in Hong Kong and have a deep sentiment towards his home city. Having lived in a place where East meets West for more than 50 years, Steve was educated and heavily influenced by both the Chinese and Western cultures and lifestyles, and these experiences do shape his ideology and philosophy. His designs reflect a strong international sense, yet with an Oriental vibe.

In his keynote speech, Steve will use his signature projects to demonstrate how Eastern aesthetics such as harmony, moderation, nature and peace could be reflected in interior design, served a function or improved people’s quality of life.